Beginning Astrology
Level 2

BEGINNING ASTROLOGY LEVEL 2 continues and builds on the work of Level 1 by providing a deeper understanding of the elements and basics of astrology. The class considers:

  • Transits
  • Progressions
  • Synastry
  • Composite Charts
    Solar Arcs
  • Solar Returns

TRANSITS are how planets move through our charts throughout our life. We will particularly study the outer planets, investigating the lessons, events and energies they bring us as they travel through the houses of our horoscopes and aspect our natal planets.

PROGRESSIONS are the changes in configuration of the chart throughout our lives, as the planets transit:

  • How they affect us via the internal changes experienced as we grow and age
  • Forecasting events through progressions
  • Looking at the changes in our individual charts using the charts of class members

SYNASTRY is about how people interact with one another based on their astrological configurations. It compares the horoscopes of 2 (or more) people in order to understand how they relate to each other and how they interact for whatever purpose they are coming together. This could be for a:

  • Marriage
  • Business venture
  • Friendship
  • Partnership of any sort

COMPOSITE CHARTS look at the separate "entity" that forms when 2 people blend into one in a relationship

SOLAR ARCS help us

  • Forecast events
  • Rectify the chart for the accuracy of the birth time

SOLAR RETURNS give us a snapshot of ourselves for a year, from birthday to birthday, showing the issues, events, changes and benefits that we will face in that one year period.

The student completing Beginning Astrology Level 2 will have the foundation and understanding to be able to pursue further astrological knowledge via reading, advanced class workshops and discussion groups.

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