The Creation of Identity

We all know that the astrological houses represent the areas of life in which the planetary action takes place, but there is much more information about the native to be gained by the analysis of the houses themselves, even before we look at the signs that rule the houses and their planetary rulers.

Knowing how the zodiacal houses are created brings a sensitivity and insight into the native along with an understanding of the nuances of the individual's psyche and orientation within this life. We will explore:

  • The importance of keeping the polarities in focus and the factors that trigger the polarity;
  • The psychological factors connected with the essences of each of the houses;
  • The importance of a transiting planet's cycle to the house it is transiting and the polarity to that house;
  • The cycles within a life of how recurring transits bring the same or similar experiences and how those are handled from the perspective of the polarity;
  • The importance of the hemispheres and quadrants, particularly as they affect the native's orientation toward the outside and inside worlds;
  • The importance of each house's domain within the horoscope.