...There is a slight 3rd House emphasis, indicating that this relationship is focused on communication, learning, and the like. It is also concerned with the immediate environment, neighborhood, and community.


The Sun is in Capricorn in the 3rd House:

The Sun represents the essence of the relationship, its core energy, its core identity. It helps us to see what the relationship has come into existence to be. It is the heart of the relationship.

In Capricorn, the Sun is determined to get to the heart of the matter without fluff. It does not waste time or energy on superficial or incidental things. The relationship does not wish to abide nonsense within it. Capricorn is practical, gives structure and can create boundaries and strength. You have leadership not in terms of being the front runner, but in terms of being the one in authority who leads the way for others to follow. Your relationship is comfortable in a leadership role.

Capricorn loves to complete what it started, but should not rest on the completion. When something is finished, you need to get going on the next thing. Capricorn is not a sign that is associated with the frivolous, but on the flip side of that, you may need to learn to just "waste" some time doing something that makes you happy and relaxed but does not have any other purpose than to make you happy and for you to have fun doing it.

The focus is usually on what is worthwhile, practical and of value to do.

The 3rd House, where your Sun is posited, is about communication, the mind, the day to day environment, relatives, and neighbors. It is concerned with the routine mental operations and habitual patterns in our lives.

With your composite Sun in the 3rd House, you are likely to be happy with your routine. You have a mental affinity for one another and enjoy conversation, just talking with each other and exchanging ideas. This can help to bond you in friendship in your relationship. You mutually understand each other and are likely to easily discuss whatever comes between you. You are likely to be able to verbalize and share what is going on inside of each of you.

There is a strong element of sharing ideas and opinions; you are probably in agreement about most of them. You openly share and communicate. The negative aspect here might be that your personal relationship can fall in to the pattern of functioning more on an intellectual/mental level that on an emotional level. It can become more about friendship than romance as you relate through talking rather than through feelings. Be conscious of the possibility that when feelings come to the forefront, you stand the chance of intellectualizing and trying to figure out the feelings rather than feeling them and going through the experience. So the Sun here can show that one thing you need to learn as a couple is to experience your feelings as well as to analyze them.

And remember that with the leadership qualities inherent in Capricorn and the Sun placed in the 3rd House of community, you may be in leadership roles within your environment, whatever community that may be.

Although your Composite Sun is technically located in the 3rd House, it is just about exactly sitting on the cusp (line delineation of where houses change from one to the other) of the 4th House. Consequently, I consider it to be operating in the 4th House as well as the 3rd.

The 4th House represents the home and the family, so with the Sun concerned there, there will be an emphasis on the need to express your relationship very strongly with a home together and also surrounded by loved ones; to find security within a home and family. The 4th House is the basic roots of the relationship: mentally, emotionally and physically. It is the home base, where you are your most private and intimate; exploring and expressing your most private and innermost feelings and emotions. With this emphasis, you are likely to seek to share and explore all of your commonalities, your pasts, your origins.

With the Sun in the 4th House you have a strong position for marriage and a strong relationship with deep emotional connections. This can make for a relationship that is very concerned with and focused upon itself. That's not a bad thing. Just don't let it be so completely consuming that you exclude all else and all others. I don't think you do that, but it could creep up on you.

Your Sun is ruled by Saturn (Saturn rules Capricorn):

The planet Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. So we must look at Saturn in your composite chart to see how it affects your Sun.

Saturn is in Gemini and in the 9th House: The 3rd House, where your Sun is located, is a house of ideas and communication. It is the immediate environment, and signifies the lower mind and early education. The 9th House, where the ruler of your Sun is located, signifies foreign environments, the greater environment beyond your neighborhood, the higher mind, higher education, philosophy, religion and the search for greater understanding.

Combining this house placement with the fact that your Saturn is in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign of communication and ideas, and we see the reinforcement of the concept that your relationship is very focused on the sharing of ideas, concepts and communication. Yours is a very comfortable mentally stimulating relationship. Your essence or relationship identity is truly one of ideas, concepts, mental stimulation and communication as it comes through not only in your Sun and its 3rd House placement, but the placement of the Sun sign's ruler in another communication and mentally stimulating house.

This Saturn placement supports the previous statement that you have an essentially no-nonsense position on life and its attitudes. It supports the strength and leadership qualities already addressed. With this position, it is likely that you will communicate concepts in ways that will help others to understand and see issues more clearly because of your clarification.

The Sun's Aspects To Other Planets And Points:

Sun square Moon: There may be tension within the relationship between the core identity of the relationship and the emotional responsiveness of it. Instead of complimenting each other, they can be difficult to reconcile. It may be that your approaches to things are significantly different and you need to find a middle ground for comfort. You may feel that you are not supporting each other enough. However, I think this is more likely to have manifested in the beginning of your relationship rather than having followed it all the way through. There are too many other supportive and strong configurations in your chart for me to be concerned about this.

Yet, this can create a certain tension that brings a fascination with each other and keeps things from becoming too complacent. This can often indicate a very intense love affair. It is important for you to not repress your feelings in the relationship, but to express them in order not to let pressures grow.

Sun square Pluto: The planet Pluto is small, but very intense. It signifies power and transformation. The square aspect is one of friction and difficulty. So with the Sun in square aspect to Pluto, you may run the risk of power struggles within your relationship. Who controls what? This may also signify that your relationship will have profound effects on the outside world as well. You may find that you, as a couple, have power struggles with others. The concept of transformation of who you are to each other must come in to play with this aspect to Pluto. Pluto operates at a very deep, intense level and this relationship is a very deep, intense relationship.

Sun opposition Midheaven (MC): The Midheaven (MC) is at the top of the chart. It signifies your career, your position in society, the greater whole and shows us how society at large views you and how you, as a couple/relationship, fit into the structure of society. With the Sun opposing the MC, there is a mirroring of the relationship and societal mores and norms. There is a concern about where and how you fit into the larger group. With the opposition here, society shows you what you need and you show society what it needs.

The opposition can create conflict and confrontation, but it also creates energy and interaction. With your Sun posited in the 3rd House, you tend to keep your privacy, but with the Sun opposing the MC you may be made to bring the light of who you are out into view for everyone to see.

As expressed earlier, your Sun is sitting on the 4th House cusp which represents the home and family. In that case, it is opposite the 10th House cusp which represents society, the outside world and career. So there may be some conflict in terms of adjusting the needs of the home and the needs of being in the outside world and career.

Sun square the Ascendant (ASC): You are more concerned with how everything affects you than you are concerned with how you affect everything and everyone around you. It is important to you to present yourselves as a couple. Your identity as a couple becomes foremost and primary. Just be careful that you do not hurt, dominate or disrupt others by your concerns for yourselves as a couple. But at the same time do not allow others to hurt, dominate or disrupt you.

Concentrate on your own development and focus mainly on your experience of being in this relationship. Concentrate less on the image as a couple that you project and keep the focus on the couple that you really are. Others will see who you are and will appreciate what you offer.

ASCENDANT (aka The Rising Sign)

Your Ascendant is in Libra:

The Ascendant (ASC) is the doorway to the 1st House of the chart. The ASC is the way in which you, as a couple, enter the world; the way that you present yourselves in any new situation. It is the mask that you wear, your persona. It is the personality; the mask that the soul wears and it may hide much of what you truly are. It is what people see when they meet you.

The sign of Libra rules intimate, close relationships. It rules marriage. It is a strong, cardinal sign and it likes partnership. So when you present yourself to the world you are likely to feel most comfortable doing it within the partnership that you are. With Libra as your ASC, the way in which you as a couple present yourself is through the experience of being a couple. It is important to you and your self-expression, for you to show yourselves to the world as a couple, a balanced unit of togetherness.

The relationship is most comfortable "leading" with the coupledom. You need to display the couple relationship as it is how you wish to be perceived.

Your Ascendant is ruled by Venus (Venus rules Libra):

The planet Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. So we must look to Venus in your composite chart to see how it affects your ASC.

Venus is in Sagittarius in the 3rd House: The 3rd House, where your Sun is located, is a house of ideas and communication. It is the immediate environment, and signifies the lower mind and early education. So once again we come back to the immediate environment you occupy and the need for communication and the sharing of ideas.

Combining this house placement with the fact that your Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign of higher ideas, higher education, foreign environments and expansion, we again see the reinforcement of the concept that your relationship is very focused on the sharing of ideas, concepts and communication. Venus being also the planet of love, it is likely that your loving feelings for each other are most strongly manifested in your immediate environment and in the sharing of ideas, in communicating with each other. Your relationship thrives on mentality.

Venus is the planet most associated with love and in Sagittarius your relationship should have a love that is easygoing and loves to have fun, be social and connect with various types of people. You are also likely to give each other the space you each need to grow and to help each other grow.

Venus is also the planet that attracts and you are likely to attract a blend of diverse friends and acquaintances into your immediate environment. They may bring in stories of foreign adventures or just bring you things and ideas that are new to you. There will always be good conversation around you and lovely company with it. You are likely to be quite social as a couple and be surrounded by interesting people.

Venus is connected with beauty as well, and with this placement in the 3rd House, it may show that together your sense of beauty is more elevated for you as a couple than it was for you as individuals. The relationship brings out the best in each of you.

The sign of Sagittarius is easygoing, friendly and open to all ideas and philosophies. It is concerned with the higher concepts of the mind and with expanding yourselves. You have high achievements on your agenda. Your love is not bounded as Sagittarius likes the freedom from boundaries.

Venus sextile Uranus: Enjoy the unusual and the unexpected! You enjoy experiencing things you had not experienced before and may be more motivated to try the more eccentric elements of life. Along with this zest for the new will be a need or desire to avoid any unnecessary restrictions on you. You will want to have a much freedom of expression as possible. With Venus in the 3rd House of the mind, this interaction of Venus and Uranus may change your ways of thinking.

Venus opposition Saturn: Although overall you have an open, communicative relationship, this aspect curtails that expression to some extent. It may be that you occasionally hold back or it may be that there was a delay to you getting together in the beginning because of some other commitment that one or both of you had.

Uranus in the 1st House: What you see is what you get. Uranus will bring out the candid, truthful, possibly tactless, but certainly the real. It can also open you up to seeing things differently and trying things differently than you had ever done before. A nod to originality and being the one to be the revolutionary.

The Ascendant's Aspects To Other Planets And Points....


The Moon is in Taurus in the 8th House:

The Moon represents how the relationship expresses itself emotionally. Your Moon is in the element of Earth in Taurus, just as your Sun is in the element of Earth in Capricorn. So although they do not directly aspect each other because the degrees in which they are in, both your Moon and your Sun are practical and with feet firmly planted on the ground. The Moon is also "exalted" in Taurus and therefore expresses itself most happily in the sign of Taurus.

Taurus is earthy, tactile, pleasure-seeking, concerned with the acquisition of possessions and material goods for the feelings of security that they give and also for the pleasure that they give in your environment. It is likely that your relationship slowly evolved into love and took its time to ignite. It is also likely that because of this it is more solid and less likely to burst into flames and burn out.

Taurus wants financial and emotional security and stability. You may attract wealth or at least all that you need to be happy and feel secure. And your wealth may come in the form of emotional support from others. You are most happy when surrounded by good food and material comforts. The stability/solidity of your home is most important for you to have emotional security.

While the steadiness of Taurus is a plus, you need to be aware of this turning into a rut and resisting changes. Taurus can be quite resistant to change, even when the change is necessary or for the better. So make sure that you remain open. Your lives too will be constantly changing and you should welcome changes as a sign of growing rather than as something to be feared or avoided.

The 8th House is a Water House, so one that is already connected to emotions and feelings. The 8th House is also about transforming oneself and it is likely that you both feel transformed by this relationship. It is also concerned with values, as is the sign of Taurus itself. But whereas Taurus is naturally concerned with your values, the 8th House is concerned with the values of other people. With the Moon here, it is likely that your stance as a couple and your emotional expression of yourselves as a couple have transformed other peoples' values and concepts as well. Your connectedness to each other may have caused those who come into your energy to re-think, transform and think more deeply than they would have otherwise. In other words, you may be the impetus for others to grow in their values.

With the Moon's placement in the 8th House, watch out for getting too wrapped up in your emotions as that could bring you to moodiness or despondency when your are feeling even a little down. Do not let yourselves get too introspective; that would be to the point where you cannot come back out. But you will not be able to be anything but deep with your connection to each other.

Your Moon is ruled by Venus (Venus rules Taurus):

The planet Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus as well as of Libra. So we must look to Venus in your composite chart to see how it affects your Moon. Discussed under YOUR ASCENDANT IS RULED BY VENUS (Venus rules Libra).

Mars/Uranus/Jupiter/Mercury In A T-Square

W/10th House Being The Opening

This is a Cardinal T-Square, involving Mars in Aries, Uranus in Libra and Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn. Mars and Uranus oppose (confrontation) each other, while both of them are in square (stress) to Jupiter and Mercury.

With this particular positioning, there may be stress or impetus coming from the most private parts of your life pressing you to express your individualities and at the same time express your connectedness to each other. This is best dealt with and adjusted through looking outside of your personal and familial confines to the greater society and expressing yourselves through nurturing others and allowing the rest of society to see a family, homey you.

This is a very dynamic configuration that is particularly so because of the planets involved in it. It emphasizes energy, drive and self-expression. It is often connected to dealing with one crisis or highly stressed situation after another. These may be real crises or perceived crises. Either way, the need for response is the same. The release for these tensions will come through working in the greater society to help other people come into their own; help through nurturing them into a comfort. Your purpose is to be generous of yourselves, question the righteousness of the world and the larger spectrum within which we live.


From going through all of this to see who you are as a couple, it seems clear to me that your connection has import for the greater good in that you can be a beacon, a model, a positive and helpful role model for others. You have the forceful energy to make a difference and to help change the way society has been and to help bring it forward to how it should be....