For Non-Astrologers & Astrologers

While there are various ways in which an astrological chart can help us to see our karma, it is the North and South nodes of the Moon that are particularly focused on the Karmic path for this lifetime.  Their signs tell us what we are working on and their house positions tell us where in our lives this is confronted.

We will investigate all of the possible positions for the nodes in order to help you gain an understanding of your karmic path in this lifetime.  There is no need to understand astrology as this will be an explanation of what each position means and how that affects you.

If you would like to have your personal chart to use during this program, please email Lin Ewing at linewing@astrologicaldetails.com with your birth information and mention Nodes Presentation in the Subject line.  You will receive a return email with your information.

Please give your:

Month, Day, Year of birth

Exact time of birth if you have it.  (If you don't have it we can still get the signs of your nodes but not the locations within the chart.)

City, State of birth  (County if not born in the USA)