THE ASTROLOGICAL MOON offers an understanding of the Moon as it represents emotions, personality, and the subconscious.  It investigates the natal Moon's relation to the Sun, the Progressed Moon's phases and relation to the Saturn and Uranus cycles, and an understanding of the Nodes and their significance.

The natal Moon's relationship to the Sun looks at:

  • The speed of the natal Moon and how that affects the native;
  • The phase of the natal Moon and how this affects the native's life and indicates the karmic purpose of this incarnation. 

The progressed Moon's cycle of growth and evolution investigates the importance of:

  • The Progressed Moon in all of its phases and what this means to the native;
  • The Progressed Moon's relation to the Saturn cycle and the Saturn return;
  • The Progressed Moon's relation to the Uranus cycle and the Uranus return.

The workshop explains the Nodes and their karmic indications:

  • What the Nodes are;
  • Aspects to the Nodes;
  • The Nodal Return
  • Planetary aspects to the Nodes

If you do not have your natal chart and need it, when registering please give your:

Date of birth:  Month, day and year

Exact time of birth as it appears on your birth certificate

Location of birth:  City, State  (Country of birth if not the USA)