The Transiting Planets

A Deep Look at How the Changing Heavens Affect Us

While our birth chart shows the template of who we are, it also shows how we receive and respond to the cosmic energies coming to us as the planets travel through the heavens. 

Each of the planets brings us their different energies, lessons, experiences, and responses based on the nature of the planet itself and our personal responses to that planet’s energy and meaning. 

We will explore the nature of transits in general and then dive into a deeper understanding of what each planet brings to us as it travels through the heavens, through the Zodiac, and through our individual horoscopes.


If you do not have a copy of your natal chart (or a chart you wish to use for the class), please email Lin Ewing at with the birth information so that she can email the chart to you. 


Birth information needed:

Month, Day, Year of the birth;
The Exact Time of Birth as it appears on the birth certificate;
The City and State of the birth.  (If not born in the USA please include the Country of Birth)